#5 - Evergreen Club (east wall) - 126 Vincent Ave. W
These murals were painted by Jan Layh's Grade 9 class in 1999. Working in groups of two or three, the students took on a sports subject with which they had a strong connection, usually as a participant.
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#5a - Hockey
Artists: Andrew Yanke, Gerhard Klein

#5b - Golf
Artists: Anthony Lutz, Stephen Brick, David Soloway

#5c - Volleyball
Artists: Stefanie Sherstabitoff, Amie Orr

#5d - Curling
Artists: Rico Tomsha, Chantel Lindstrom, Chrissy Roset


#5e - Grass (dirt) Racing
Artists: Neil Bily, Kenneth Zich, Gordie Gessner
#5f - Fastball
Artists: Marcy Swanson, Lindsay Richels
#5g - Dance
Artists: Jennifer Hussey, Jacky Becker
#5h - Soccer
Artists: Andrew Chiang, Tyson VanCaeseele


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