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Veterans Wall of Honour
To honor local veterans of WW I, WW II and Korean War, a Veterans’ Honour Wall was created and dedicated to them. A volunteer committee gathered pictures, military service records and medal awards printed on the plaques now mounted and displayed on an honor wall in the Community Center. The community now has the opportunity to recognize, honor and thank these heroes for the sacrifices they made so we can enjoy the freedom we have today.

Beneath the plaques is a mural especially designed by Rita Swanson, depicting the Army, Navy, Air Force with a Remembrance Day scene included.

The wall was officially dedicated on May 23, 2009, with four WW II veterans in attendance.

Below are links of the list of those veterans with plaques on the Veterans' Wall of Honour.
By clicking on a link and then a name, a photo of the plaque can be seen.

  A-H I-Q R-Z

  ADAMS, Walter Henry BJARNASON, Karl EINARRSON, Johannes
  ADDISON (Snyder), Molly Marie BJARNASON, Magnus (Mike) EINARRSON, John
  ALMQUIST, Walter Clarence BOREEN, Virgil D. (Bud) FRASER, Albert (Bud)
  ANDERSON, Johann P. BREIDFJORD, Magnus FRASER, Arthur Robert (Scotty)
  ANGUS, Leonard Lynn BRENNER (Partridge), Evalyn FRASER, Kenneth
  APPLETON (BEMBRIDGE), Doris Mary CARSON, Edward T. FREYSTEINSON, Harry Theodore (Ted)
  APPLETON, Douglas Haig COWAN, Glenn GALLINGER, Donald Blaine
  BEATON, Samuel E. COWAN, Murray Allan GILLIES, Gudmundur
  BEMBRIDGE, Arthur DASCHUK, John GUNNARSON, Eyjolfur (Eyfie) S.
  BEMBRIDGE (Thorvaldson), Ethel DAVIDSON, Jon GUNNARSSON, Caroline (Kalla)
  BEMBRIDGE, Stanley Arthur DEBNAM, Douglas Gordon HALL, Alexander Sidney
  BILY, Henry DRESSLER, Carl HALL, Philip Kenneth
  BJARNASON, Carl EGILSSON, Pall G. HALL, Richard Chester

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