Shooting Star Preschool

Shooting Star Preschool is located at 206 Prothero Avenue West.

Our focus is both on education and recreation, providing children ages 3 and 4 with the skills and awareness needed to begin Kindergarten.


Educational Philosophy:

We provide children with the opportunity to participate in an inclusive play-based program that fosters their individual social/emotional growth, fine/gross motor skills, and cognitive development.

We provide the opportunity for families to share their child's preschool experience and rely on their support and knowledge in the day to day running of the preschool.

The preschool is overseen by the Parent Board and operates as a non-denominational and non-profit organization.

Program Goals:

To provide a variety of learning opportunities, which recognize the differing learning styles of each individual child.

To provide a fun, stimulating and nuturing environment.

To provide children with the skills they will need to enter Kindergarten with confidence.

To familiarize children with the rules, routines and structures they will encounter in Kindergarten.
To give both the children and their parents a sense of community.