Welcome to Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Town of Churchbridge is a welcoming and inclusive community, which is centrally located, whether for work or play.  We pride ourselves on having an excellent school system and being community focused.

Our vision is to be a, "progressive, active, and inclusive community that seeks sustainable economic and social growth that values its citizens and heritage." Our mission is to be, "an attractive community which celebrates its history, respects all of its citizens and focuses on involving its youth to have an active role in the community. With a fiscally responsible mindset, council works to market, develop, and plan for its current and future accomplishments."

Located along Highway 16 between the Manitoba border and Yorkton, we are home to a daycare and a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school. We are in close proximity to the Mosaic Potash Mines, and we are definitely a growing community.  Our population has increased by 20% per cent since 2011. The 2016 census shows that Churchbridge has a population of 896.

Just a reminder to call (306) 896-7825 (the on call phone) after regular office hours, if you see any red or white lights on or if you notice any sounds coming from any of the lift stations. The lift stations are located across from the Town Shop, by the School, and at the south end of Cedar Crescent.

In addition, please do not message Town Staff privately on Facebook regarding Town related business. These messages are not checked on a regular basis. Please use the on call after hours phone to address your concern. Thank you.

Community News & Event Information Quick Links
Community Events Calendar
Summer Transfer Site Hours
(May 1, 2020 - September 15, 2020)
Council Meetings

- Tuesday - 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
- Thursday - 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
- Saturday - 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Transfer Site WILL BE CLOSED if temperature is more than -30C with or without windchill or +30C with humidex.

Regular meetings will be held on the following days, starting at 7 p.m.:

- Monday, July 20
- Monday, Aug 17
- Monday, Sept 14
- Monday, Sept 28



The Churchbridge Aquatic Centre has officially opened for the season. We are excited to have everyone come swimming, but there are a few new rules in place this season due to COVID.

- Pool capacity will be no more than 60 people.
- Patrons will be asked screening survey questions before being allowed to enter.
- If you are sick or think you may have been exposed to COVID, please do not enter the facility.
- Patrons must observe physical distancing (2 m). You will be reminded twice before being asked to leave the facility.
- Swimmers are asked to come in swim clothes as changing stalls will be closed.
- Swimmers must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. Please limit showers to 1 household at a time.
- Public swim will be ran in 2 hour blocks to allow for proper COVID cleaning and fair use of the facility. This will allow for 90 minutes of swim time and 30 minutes for guests to exit, cleaning to be done, and screening for the next group. First entry will be given to new arrivals but if we are not at capacity returning swimmers may re-enter.
- Swimming lessons will not be offered this year.
- Aquasize will be on the schedule.
- Lane swim will be scheduled but will be limited to no more than 3 swimmers.
- Preschool swim will be on the schedule.
- No private bookings will be taken this year.

Season Passes have been prorated to more accurately represent the season:
Child/Senior $64.00
Adult $77.00
Family $160.00

The schedule can be viewed here.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we navigate a different kind of summer season. We appreciate your cooperation in following the new procedures so that we can all enjoy the pool this summer.



The Town of Churchbridge is seeking one (1) volunteer Pest Control Officer. Pest Control Officers are appointed to hunt, trap, or dispose of nuisance wildlife when contacted by the Town Office. Town Office will contact officers when reports are received of nuisance wildlife by residents. Pest Control Officers are required to submit the following to the Town Office when appointed:

i) a criminal record check from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police;
ii) a copy of their current Firearms License (Possession Acquisition); and
iii) in the case of a non-employee of the Town of Churchbridge, verification of minimum one (1) million dollar liability insurance (reimbursable by Town Council)

If you are interested in volunteering as a Pest Control Officer, please contact the Town Office at 306-896-2240.







The Town of Churchbridge is proposing updates to Bylaw 2010-003: Firearms Bylaw and Bylaw 2010-001: Extension of Time Financials Bylaw. Please view the proposed updated Bylaws linked below. These Bylaws will be read at the next Council meeting on July 20th at 7 p.m. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to view a paper copy of the bylaw, please contact the Town Office at 306-896-2240.

Bylaw 2020-008: Extension of Time
Bylaw 2020-009: Firearms Bylaw



The Campground is OPEN as of June 1st with Phase 2 of the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan with the following precautions in place per provincial regulations:

- The Public Washrooms and Showers will be OPEN and cleaned regularly.
- Park users must observe Social Distancing (2 m).
- Campers/RVs only. No tents permitted.
- No out of province campers permitted.

Thank you in advance to this years campground volunteers. Our volunteers will be conducting business a little differently this year with less person to person contact by directing campers to the Town Office for reservations and payment.

Please contact the Town Office at 306-896-2240 with any questions.



A friendly Fire Safety reminder, please refer to Open Fire Bylaw 2015-007 for information regarding fire pit requirements within Town limits. Please also be aware of the Fire Risk Index for our area, this risk index is updated daily via the Spatial Fire Management System. Council resolution 138/2019 made last year states Open Fires will be banned within Town limits if the Fire Risk Index for our area reaches Extreme. Thank you for your cooperation. The Bylaw and Spatial Fire Map are linked below:

Open Fire Bylaw 2015-007
Spatial Fire Management System





ATV Bylaw:
A friendly reminder to ATV users, the Town Bylaw regarding ATV use (Bylaw 2015-015) states that a person is authorized to operate an All Terrain Vehicle on any municipal street for the purpose of leaving or entering the Town at its shortest distance. No person is to operate an All Terrain Vehicle on a portion of a provincial highway unless for the purpose of crossing the highway. Thank you for your cooperation.

Noise Bylaw:
A reminder that per Bylaw 2015-009, domestic noise (lawn mower, chain saw, rototiller and shop tools etc.) is prohibited between: 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays and 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. on holidays. Construction noise is prohibited between: 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays and 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. on holidays. Outdoor Public Events (loudspeaker, amplifier, musical instrument) noise is prohibited between 11 p.m. - 9 a.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. -6 a.m. on holidays.

Open Fire Bylaw:
A reminder to refer to Open Fire Bylaw 2015-007 regarding backyard firepits. Be aware of the fire risk index for our area, this is regularly updated on the Churchbridge Fire Rescue Facebook page. If our risk index rises to Extreme, Open Fires may be banned per Resolution 138/2019.

Animal Bylaw:
All cats or dogs are required to have a license within Town limits per Bylaw 2015-005 and Bylaw 2015-012. These can be purchased from the Town Office for $10-$25 depending on if the animal is spayed or neutered.
Please pick up after your animals. It helps to keep our Town lookings (and smelling) clean and tidy. The Bylaw states "(i)Any animal defecating on other people’s property is an infraction of this bylaw and the owner or keeper of this animal, whether in his/her control or running at large shall cause such defecation to be removed immediately in a sanitary fashion or be subject to a fine as outlined in Section 3(a)."

Elm Tree Pruning:
No person shall prune an Elm Tree per Bylaw 2017-007 between April 1 and September 30 unless the tree is damaged, authorization is received, municipal staff feel trimming is necessary to ensure human safety or to avoid damage to property. This will help reduce the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

Building Permits:
A building permit is required for projects such as additions, demolitions, decks, sheds and garages among others. The permit must be acquired before work can begin. For more information or for a list of permit fees please refer to Bylaw 2019-007: A Bylaw Respecting Buildings or contact the Town Office for more information. Permits can be purchased from the Town Office and require Town Council approval.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Economic Development Committee

The Town of Churchbridge Economic Development Committee is currently seeking volunteers to join the committee. This group organizes town promotion and encourages economic growth within our town, and has been integral in the installation and maintenance of the sign corridor. If you are interested in being a part of this, please contact the Town Office at (306) 896-2240 or churchbridge@sasktel.net.


Funding Announcement

This month the Government of Canada along with the Government of Saskatchewan announced funding for 12 infrastructure projects. The Town of Churchbridge was selected as one of the recipients and will be recieving $496,980 from the Federal Government and $414,109 from the Provincial Government for the decontamination and decommissioning of the landfill. The news release can be viewed here.


Churchbridge Fire Rescue Challenge Coin

Churchbridge Fire Rescue has their own challenge coin! A challenge coin is a small medallion that bears an organization's insignia or emblem and is typically carried by the organization's members. The history of the coin has several stories, most of which have military origins. Historically, they were given to prove membership to an organization, to commemorate a special achievement, exchanged in recognition of a visit and also to enhance morale. In moder day, the rules of the challenge coin have become more relaxed. The coin has become a collectors item, sought after by fellow service memebers and emergency services personnel. The Churchbridge Fire Rescue is selling these challenge coins as a fundraiser for their department. The coins can be purchased for $20 from any member of Churchbridge Fire Rescue and at the Town Office. (Shipping at buyers expense).

Notary Service

The Town of Churchbridge will be offering a Notary Service. Please see the resolution below from the June 17 Council Meeting.

145/2019 J. GALLANT-R. THIES- THAT the Town will offer a Notary Service to the public starting June 20, 2019 and THAT the service will be free of charge. Carried.

The Notary Service will be offered during Town business hours (Mon-Fri 9-12 & 1-5 p.m.) at no cost.

Crime Watch Opportunity

"Rural Crime Watch is a community driven, community led, police supported Crime Prevention, Crime Reduction collaborative program.Volunteers would have a vested interest in their community; they share the common goal of safe homes and a safe community."

The Town of Churchbridge and surrounding communities are seeking residents who are interested in joining a Rural Crime Watch Group. The resident would have to get a criminal record check, but it would be free of charge. A membership fee may be determined at a later date, depending on funds received for the program.

The time commitment is minimal, but the benefit is huge for communities! The RCMP would inform the Rural Crime Watch group when there is criminal activity in the area.

To be a part of the Rural Crime Watch group, a resident must have a smart phone to access the apps required for the program. If you are interested please contact the Town Office at (306) 896-2240 or email churchbridge@sasktel.net to sign up. Click here for more information.

Water Treatment System Announcement

New Building Canada Fund- Small Communities Fund (SCF) will provide the Town of Churchbridge with a Water treatment system upgrade in the amount of $2.245 million.

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