Welcome to Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Town of Churchbridge is a welcoming and inclusive community, which is centrally located, whether for work or play.  We pride ourselves on having an excellent school system and being community focused.

Our vision is to be a, "progressive, active, and inclusive community that seeks sustainable economic and social growth that values its citizens and heritage." Our mission is to be, "an attractive community which celebrates its history, respects all of its citizens and focuses on involving its youth to have an active role in the community. With a fiscally responsible mindset, council works to market, develop, and plan for its current and future accomplishments."

Located along Highway 16 between the Manitoba border and Yorkton, we are home to a daycare, pre-school and a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school. We are in close proximity to the Mosaic Potash Mines, and we are definitely a growing community.  Our population has increased by 20% per cent since 2011. The 2016 census shows that Churchbridge has a population of 896.

Just a reminder to call (306) 896-7825 (the on call phone) after regular office hours, if you see any red or white lights on or if you notice any sounds coming from any of the lift stations.

The lift stations are located across from the Town Shop, by the school, and at the south end of Cedar Crescent.

In addition, please do not message Town Staff privately on Facebook regarding Town related issues. These messages are not checked on a regular basis. Please use the on call after hours phone to address your concern. Thank you.

Community News & Event Information Quick Links
Community Events Calendar Winter Transfer Site Hours
(Sept 16, 2018- April 30, 2019)
Council Meetings

- Tuesday - 1 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
- Saturday - 1 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Acceptable Recycling Items

Regular meetings will be held on the following days, starting at 7 p.m.:
-Monday, December 17
-Monday, January 14
-Monday, January 28
-Monday, February 11


Christmas Hamper Request

It is that time of year again! One Christmas Hamper request form can be filled out per a family/household/street address. Request forms can be picked up from the Town Office or from the Churchbridge Public School.

Completed and approved forms must be placed in an envelope and handed in to the Churchbridge Public School, the Churchbridge Town Office, or submitted to Colleen Craig, Box 164, Churchbridge, SK, S0A 0M0. shoegoddesswpg@hotmail.com.

Forms MUST be completed no later than December 14, 2018. Hampers can be picked up December 21, 2018 between 9 a.m- 5 p.m. at the Churchbridge Town Office. Click here for a copy of the form.

Cookie Walk

On December 7th at 6 p.m., the new Pool Committee will be holding its popular Christmas Cookie Walk in the Community Centre. The Walk will run until 7:30 p.m.

Non-perishable Goods

Note: if anyone has any non-perishable goods they would like to donate to the Food Bank, they can be dropped off at the Town Office until December 20th.

Newspaper Opportunity

Our local and very popular newspaper, The Four Town Journal, serving Langenburg, Churchbridge, Bredenbury, Saltcoats and surrounding area is looking for new owners.

Bill and Lynda Johnston are planning to retire on July 31, 2019. Please spread this information. Otherwise our local newspaper may be closing.

For more information, please contact Bill Johnston at (306) 743-2617 or at fourtown@sasktel.net.

Cell Phone Listing

Register your cell phone for FREE with Care Printing & Publishing Inc. Your phone number would be listed in your local phone book. Visit www.cellregistry.ca for more information or call (306) 946-4027.

Grant Opportunity

Family & Friends Community Foundation is now accepting Grant Applications from the community groups within the communities of Spy Hill, Churchbridge, and Langenburg.

Grants are available in the areas including: Arts & Culture, Recreation, Education, Heritage, Health, and Youth & Community.

Deadline for Applications: December 31, 2018. Application forms and requirements are available on the Foundation website: www.familyandfriendsfoundation.com

For information, call Cherryl Kotzer, Program Administrator, at (306) 496-7886.

Flushing Awareness

If you use baby wipes, feminine hygiene wipes or diapers, please do not flush these products down the toilet.
They block our sewer lines and could cause damage to your home or someone else's when the sewer backs up. Note: It costs between $5000- $10,000 to replace a lift station pump.

Please help us reduce risk and cost!

Sharing of the Newsletter

Just a reminder for landlords to share the newsletter (which was enclosed with the Utility Bill) with their tenants. The list of acceptable items for recycling and garbage can be found by clicking the links below:

Craving Change?

There will be a How-to Workshop for Changing Your Relationship with food. Understand WHY you eat the way you do, how to comfort yourself without food, how to change your thinking, and ultimately how to change your eating.

The workshops will be January 10, 17, and 24 from 1-3 p.m. It will be hosted at the Library in the Langenburg Health Centre located at 200 Heritage Drive, Langenburg, SK.

For more information or to secure a spot for this 3 part workshop, call (306) 786-6363 and press 0. FREE to attend!!!

Water Treatment System Announcement

New Building Canada Fund- Small Communities Fund (SCF) will provide the Town of Churchbridge with a Water treatment system upgrade in the amount of $2.245 million. Councillor Russ Thies was on hand for the announcement made in Saskatoon Tuesday, Sept 11.

The project will be completed in 2.5 years and includes:

• Construct approx. 140 m2 building expansion, reservoir upgrades, approx. 12 L/s Reverse Osmosis unit, drainage upgrades, electrical room, backup generator, and all associated works.
• Wells: modifications and upgrades as needed including review by hydro geologist, pump replacement and electrical upgrades. 
• Building expansion: confirm structural capacity, construct new building expansion complete with HVAC system, electrical system upgrade, modify existing building, and other associated works.
• Reservoir Upgrades: reservoir structure modifications as necessary to suit the membrane treatment unit and upgrades to the level control system.
• Drainage upgrades: upgrades to drainage within the WTP if determined to be practical during design.
• Reverse Osmosis Unit: treatment unit (including pre-treatment if necessary) and control system including integration of WTP plant controls.
• Backup Generator: Installation of standby power generation.
• Electrical Room: Separated room for electrical equipment including new power distribution equipment, motor control, and all associated works.
• Sewage Pumping Station and Sewage Lagoon capacity review.
• Engineering, Geotechnical investigation, and Hydro geological review.

For the news releases, click below:
~ CTV News
~ Government of Saskatchewan

Cat Issues

The Town office continues to receive complaints about CATS running at large.
According the Town Bylaw (h) Every Owner or Keeper shall ensure that their cat(s) is not being a nuisance or running at large. For more details see: http://www.churchbridge.com/office/bylaws/2015-012_Cat.pdf

The Town of Churchbridge is hopeful that all residents of the Town can live in harmony with their neighbours. Unfortunately irritants arise from time to time that do not encourage positive neighbourly relationships. Cats that are permitted to be a “nuisance and/or run at large” are one such irritant.

Informed professionals advise us that the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is considered to be very short. These cats are struck by moving vehicles, caught in the fans of motor vehicles, mauled by stray dogs, injured in cat fights, and are exposed to disease, extreme heat and severe cold. The injury or death of your pet by any cause is a highly emotional and frequently expensive experience.

We believe that the kindest thing you can do for your pet is to have it spayed or neutered and to keep it indoors. You may also wish to consider harness and/or leash training, continual outdoor supervision, or building an enclosed cat run. Any activity you elect will keep your cat out of your neighbour’s yards will help improve neighbourhood relationships. It will also keep your cat from being impounded and you from being prosecuted.

Be a responsible cat owner and a good neighbour: Spay or neuter your cat; have your cat tattooed and register, microchip implanted, or wear identification bearing your name and telephone number; keep your cat indoors, in an outdoor, enclosed cat run, on a harness or leash, or under continual supervision.

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